Tony N’ Tina’s Wedding
“The wedding singer is Richard Rella Jr., playing Donny Dulce, and he is superb, giving renditions of That’s Amore and other classic wedding tunes. He makes the party a party.” –Carol King, Daily Gazette

“Hilarious!” –Joy Tipping, The Dallas Morning News

“Richard Rella Jr. is gelatinous wedding singer Donny Dulce…he leads the “guests” in the dreaded Chicken Dance [and] croons a mean That’s Amore.” –Elaine Liner, The Dallas Observer

Lend Me a Tenor
“We rooted for the bumbling Max as portrayed by Rella in Woody Allen-esque glasses. With his rubber facial expressions and limber lunges, the actor proves a pro at physical comedy. Still, somehow his performance remains delightfully understated.” –Jodi Lee Reifer, Staten Island Advance

“Brianne Berkson as Maggie and Richard Rella as Max lead the cast as the romantic leads. They fill their moments with impecable comic timing grounded in honest work, which makes them both funny and real. This is no small feat, as honesty can be lost in comedy but these two avoid that trap.” –Nicholas Linnehan, New Theater Corps

Dessert with Durang
“Another sketch, The Hardy Boys and the Mystery of Where Babies Come From, again featured Lamb, this time as Joe Hardy, with Richard Rella Jr. as his brother Frank. The two young men had great chemistry together, and each obviously relished his role as a dimwitted, sweater-loving Hardy Boy.” –Kimberly Patterson,